What does the future hold for pick and mix candy?

The pick and mix candy is big business in Sweden. You see it in every grocery store and in many other places as well. Sales of pick and mix candy have however dropped dramatically since the corona pandemic broke out. In principle the sales have been halved in many of the large Swedish grocery chains. This is despite the fact that the Swedish Food Agency declared that there is no or very low risk of being corona infected by eating pick and mix candy, since this virus is airborne.

So, what does the future look like for the pick and mix candy concept in Sweden, once the pandemic is under control, whenever that stage enters? And perhaps even more important, will the Swedish manufacturers and distributors manage to expand the concept outside of Sweden, according to plan? Huge markets like Canada and USA, with its own (post) corona strategies, will not take any notice of the Swedish Food Agency's standpoint, of course. And is there any way the concept can be adapted to a new situation, with a higher hygiene awareness, without losing its unique distinctiveness?

Really interested in hearing your view on this matter!

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