Will maple kombucha be introduced as the new sports drink?

Updated: Sep 5

People have told me that kombucha is the new health beverage!

Well, actually it's not that new. It is a beverage of East Asian origin that has been consumed for thousands of years.

Kombucha is basically the fermentation of sweetened tea with a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (so called SCOBY), transformed into a refreshing drink. Those who recommend kombucha, consider it a nutrient-rich drink. And due to the global interest in health products, the kombucha industry is fast-growing.

This reminds me of an interesting article from September 6, 2019, that I read in Maple News. It was about an experiment carried out by researchers at Cornell University*, where they used maple syrup instead of ordinary cane sugar for the process of brewing kombucha. The researchers found, contrary to some information available online, that it was not at all difficult to brew kombucha with an alternative to cane sugar. Yet, none of the big kombucha producers are brewing with maple syrup, as it seems. How come? A price issue? Could be, since maple syrup is more expensive than cane sugar. However, if the typical kombucha consumers - as indicated in the article - find sustainable production more important than price, maple syrup will definitely have a competitive advantage over cane sugar.

Taken into consideration the increase in popularity that kombucha has achieved in recent years, the timing seems perfect for Canadian maple syrup producers to start lobbying for replacing cane sugar with maple syrup for the process of brewing kombucha. And perhaps the product could even qualify as a sports drink, due to its nutritional value?

Will maple kombucha have a chance to become the new sports drink in Canada - or perhaps even outside of Canada - do you think?

*Cornell University is located in the state of New York (USA) and ranked 19 at the Times Higher Education "World University Rankings 2020", including almost 1,400 universities across 92 countries

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